Monday, 11 November 2013

One Year

Stay in a place for a year
What have you learnt
What have you done
Who did you meet
Where have you been
So many questions pop in and pop out of the frame of mind

Perhaps too many things to review and to reflect
Perhaps stubbornly don't want to think, just yet
Perhaps is too tired of any thinking
Perhaps there is no room for thinking when the only thing to do and to think of is running out of here......

Just here and now
Seizing the moment
A sinking soul is reaching for shore......


Cicada buzzing in summer......
Old man jogging in the park......
Old lady exercising on the wooden plank pathway......
Mather seeing her child getting on to the nursery coach......
Aroma of baked sweet potatoes across the street......
On the ride of the bus listening to musics the bus driver were playing on the loudspeaker......
The van cart selling Taiwanese Onigiri by the side of the road......
While waiting for the bus, a girl was saying 'in the same universe'......

A line can form many possibilities
Draw on
The never ending story

In the mist of mind home is so near and yet so far
In the mist of mind a bridge linking lands and ferries sailing behind
In the mist of mind the smell of betel palm and roti canai
In the mist of mind a group of children swinging on a bench garden swing
In the mist of mind the taste of pokok ciku and a pokok ciku tree

Gathering all stuffs and time to walk on a new road
How many times have I went through this process of gathering and moving
About the same time last year and now once more
Just want to find a place to stay on