Thursday, 11 October 2012


(Web downloaded picture)

Have to pack to move, all the packing cartons had arrived, but didn't move a thing for the past two weeks. Thought could do it bit by bit after work, but didn't and couldn't. Is like the strength to start packing just drain out unconsciously or consciously the thought of packing has created a sense of helplessness in itself and was projected onto the unconscious mind without me realising it.

There have been countless times over the years, have to move from here and there, there and here. Experts in packing but when it comes to the actual thing, still feel emotionally unease and tardiness, and reluctant to carry out the tasks. I have decided to go with the flow this time. Just see where it will lead me to......


  1. 很舍不得你。I'm gonna miss you. When And where will we see again? One day in Taipei?

  2. We will keep in touch, as long as we are still floating in the Guqin world, then we shall meet again, right. One day in Taipei......remind me of a song by 信乐团 called 'One night in Beijing'.......hahahah...