Monday, 8 October 2012

Balancing versus Indulgent

      Sansai Soba                  Atsuyaki Tamago
(Web downloaded pictures)

Having a gourmet indulgence weekend, had been for Japanese cuisines for the past two days, in two different restaurants: Sushi Zanmai - The Gardens; and Hartamas Rakuzen. Had ordered the same two main dishes in both of the restaurants, just want to have a taste comparison - Sansai Soba & Atsuyaki Tamago.

In these two of my comparison dishes, they do have their distinctive differences in their taste from both of the restaurants. 

Later Tea Time, had eaten plenty of desserts from: Tong Pak Fu (糖百府) - Mid Valley; and Secret Recipe - Hartamas Shopping Center, on two separate days obviously. Totally satisfied my sweet tooth after these two days of complete good food and good companions.

At the back of my mind, a question starts pounding unrelentingly during all these times, is it the mouth is too easy to please and too hard to tame? Or is it the other way round?

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